Club Pilates
Club Pilates
I love pilates now! I joined a little over a month ago and I really like to come to classes. I feel like I really workout and I can see changes on me : - )
– Mercedes S
As a new participant to Pilates, I have had a blast. My job requires me to be in great shape, so I was looking for something to change my workout routine. Club Pilates Mission Viejo has done just that!! I have taken classes with Jessica, Lindsay and Nadini. They are amazing instructors and have a new workout each class I have attended. My before and after pics in just 2 months shows the changes!! The Mission Viejo studio is gorgeous and the instructors are the best!! A must do.
– Jamie P
The Willoughby CP in Australia has my highest recommendation. I was trying out places to start doing Pilates when the Willoughby CP had opened up. I decided to try it and can honestly say have had the best Pilates experience here. Having Jemima as an instructor has been fantastic, she is attentive to all needs and remembers the slightest details about each person. When I started Pilates I didn’t have as much strength and was very slim, just over three months later and I have gained definition all over my body and feel stronger. I very much attest this to having a great instructor who encourages you and continually motivates you. Not only that – but Jemima is charismatic and her sense of humour will make your abs work twice as hard from laughter!
– Janette
I am new to pilates - I'm so glad I tried Club Pilates. The workout is great, the atmosphere is fun, and the instructors are excellent. Julie Reynold rocks! Her classes are always different and she keeps us laughing through the pain.
– Samantha
I just finished a class with Crystal at the Encinitas location. Great class!
– Carly
I love Club Pilates, Morena Blvd. and my instructors there. I come twice a week every single week and the classes really energize me and I always get a GREAT workout. I would like to especially thank Kaicie and Wendy for their extreme enthusiasm, its VERY motivating and makes it super fun! Also, the Natalie's are both great teachers and I appreciate them! If you want a great workout, join Club Pilates!! I will never quit!
– Nikki S.
Simply WOWZER! I was so excited finding out they open a pilates studio in Costa Mesa. It was my first time doing Pilates and let me add I've tried all types of workouts got bored and didnt really feel much so i stooped working out for 3 months. After trying my first class I was hooked. Finally a great workout and best of all Brittany is amazing. You can feel every area of your body working. Forget gym, cross fit, lets just say pilates reformer does it all in one. Love it!!!!!!!
– Alma V.
I never tried Pilates before. Now I'm in love and look forward going 3x a week. The instructors are awesome and soooo friendly. Don't forget they know what they are doing. Just in the month I have been going my energy increased and I've lost weight. Club Pilates is sooo worth every dime.
– Michelle R.
First off, love all of the classes and teachers at club pilates, but Caleigh Meyer is the best! her classes are always packed and they are butt kicking! I live walking distance to the bankers hill location and I am devastated she is no longer teaching classes at that location :( please bring her back!!!
– Adriana
I really found something that works for me. Erica Powell is an awesome Pilates instructor. After my first session with her, my triceps and inner thighs burn the next day. That burn got me motivated to come back for more. really works!!! The atmosphere at Club Pilates is wonderful..never threatening. Erica gives clear instructions and motivating !!! Thank you and I am excited to see what my body will look like after 30 sessions...THANK YOU and I hope more people will benefit from Pilates like I do !!!
– Hazel
I am new to Pilates and found a groupon for Club Pilates. I have had the best customer service experience EVER! I was treated with kindness and quick responses to emails. Because I have never done Pilates before, I decided to do a private lesson with Elsa and it was awesome! I'm so glad I have added this awesome routine to my life! Thanks Club Pilates!
– Deb S.
The San Marcos studio is great! The instructors are very knowledgeable, and focused on giving you a good workout. I love the fact that they incorporate hand weights and other equipment during the class. It's a great low impact workout!
– Tiffany W.

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I was new to Pilates a few months ago and concerned about shoulder and chronic back pain limitations I have. But, all the instructors have been beyond my expectations with their knowledge, enthusiasm and professionalism. They guide you through all the moves and are constantly reminding you about keeping form. I am amazed at how much more flexible and better I feel. Thank you RB instructors Heidi, Stephanie, and Michelle!
– Colleen
CONGRATULATIONS !!!! .... I Love the new Eastlake club Pilates ... All of the instructors are amazing, and not only that but the costumer service is really outstanding, I had trouble with the groupon and literally within 20 minutes they resolved everything for me .... REALLY GREAT OVERALL EXPERIENCE !!!!
– Jackie Cohen
As a Pilates instructor myself, I really love coming to Club Pilates to take class! I appreciate that the instructors are so well trained! Especially now, when studios are popping up everywhere, but the instructors are not necessarily trained properly in Pilates. Club Pilates instructors are constantly trying new things and using great pros like bosu, balls, & weights to keep things interesting! Thanks everyone! :-)
– Amy Peot
Love the new location in Mira Mesa. The instructors are excellent, professional and friendly. The location was easy to find with easy access to parking in the back. I love the new equipment.
– Lizzette
I just started going to the new Mira Mesa location and I love it! The atmosphere is friendly and the instructors are very helpful, energetic, and friendly. I have tried a few different classes and each class brings a unique workout that challenges me.
– Leila
Since I've gone to Club Pilates, I've never thought about going anywhere else! Studios are clean, new equipment, great instructors and the monthly deals keep me coming back ...
– Carol Y.
This place is GREAT! The instructors are amazing and very professional. They have plenty of equipment - reformers, springboards, exo chairs, rings, balls, weights, etc- all which help to make class dynamic and fun. I appreciate that they have a variety of class types and time available. My favorites are Laura and Arielle's Level 2 class. Laura's class is the most challenging but also the most fun- she is a ball of energy and keeps the class motivated. You will definitely leave her class sweating!

I think my favorite thing about this studio is the friendly atmosphere that I have not found at other Pilates studios. Try this place!
– Gila Z.
They constantly are updating their studios with new equipment, paint, etc. These 2 studios are super clean and spacious. I really like all of the instructors and the personal attention you receive here. Every time I leave I feel AWESOME!! They keep it fun and lighthearted.
– Chimena C.
Club Pilates is a really great place to learn about Pilates. I have been to a few other places studios in town and they were not as friendly or as welcoming. I get a great workout at an affordable price to boot! Try this place and I promise you will be hooked.
– Tammy H.
I am really picky about my Pilates classes and I just love it here. The classes are challenging and the instructors are incredibly knowledgeable, friendly and upbeat (but not obnoxiously so).
– Maisie C.
Best Pilates studio in San Diego hands down!
– Joanna P.
I wish I could give this place more stars. I tried it for the very first time and loved it!!
The instructors are friendly and the place is clean. The workout was easy to follow, but was intensive, and worked on muscles that haven't used in months.
– D L.
Awesome studio. Beautiful equipment, great light, and super clean! The instructors know their stuff and keep the workouts fresh and fun.
– Heather R.
I joined the Club Pilates studio in Bankers Hill and just love it! The studio is clean, bright, and the equipment is spanking new! The studio offers a wide variety of pilates and pilates based workouts. No need to fret if you've never taken a pilates class, the instructors are knowledgeable and highly trained to match the workout to your level of fitness. I have to give a shout out to my two favorite instructors: Liz and Keely. Their classes continually challenge me. THANK YOU!!!!
– Miriam B.
Awesome place- awesome instructors!

I took a private lesson before my first time because I knew nothing about Pilates. Very helpful!
– Alexis H.
This is a great, clean, fun place to take pilates! The instructors are well educated and very attentive. It is an affordable studio...dont base the price of your class to reflect your experience because its WELL worth twice what you pay for!

There are classes available for all levels and the instructors are great at modifying an exercise or making it more challenging to accomodate everyone's needs!

Check it out! You'll be hooked
– Gina A.
I've just started taking reformer classes at the Bankers Hill location, and I have only good things to say! Awesome studio, brand new equipment, super attentive instructors, and a very extensive class schedule with evening classes that meet the needs of people stuck in the office late. I plan to continue going here as long as I live in San Diego!
– Estie R.
I love this place! I'm addicted to Pilates. The instructors are awesome and the place looks clean and neat. It is so easy to register and schedule your classes. No monthly fees!
– Iya L.
Allison is such a Rock Star! Every location is clean and well maintained. I gladly recommended any of the Club Pilates locations!
– Rebecca F.
I have A LOT of great things to say about Club Pilates but I'll summarize:

Best. Studio. Ever. :)
– Sara R.

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