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Our Philosophy is Serving You

Club Pilates has been serving the globe with the Best Pilates Reformer and Pilates Apparatus classes at the Best Value since 2007.

Club Pilates has grown exponentially because of our quality instructors, love for our members, and the sanctuary environment we provide for everyone who walks through the doors.

All Club Pilates classes are taught by highly skilled instructors that have each completed a minimum of 500 hours of comprehensive instructor education – this means you will receive the best Pilates training at the Best Value.

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Fresh & Innovative Pilates Classes

Club Pilates offers fresh and innovative Pilates Studios which provide classes designed to strengthen, tighten, and tone your entire body safely and quickly.

All of our group classes are based on the Principles of Pilates (breathing, concentration, controlled movement, precision, centering, balance, flow, whole body integration). They also emphasize endurance, cardio, strength training, and body sculpting to achieve muscle definition and peak physical fitness.

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Pilates Reformer, Exo-Chair, Springboard
Ballet Bar, Blended Fusion Classes

We are here to give your body an ultimate fitness makeover that is safe, effective, and fun.